What's a nice Japanese guy like me doing in a place like Denmark?

This is my personal blog page where I "occasionally" write some essays of my seriously unserious perspective toward Denmark. Please don't read them seriously. Biases, heuristics, and errors are pretty much everywhere in them. I hope you laugh at these cultural differences. Plus, don't expect me to update this page frequently. My main job is here.

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  • Tour de Denmark (July 14, 2021)

  • Tour de Denmark (July 14, 2021)

    This is a moment of every year that all the cyclists are excited and watch TV instead of cycling. Tour de France. It's an annual bicycle race in France, including 21 different stages over the course of 23 days. It's notoriously challenging. And, the leader of the race wears a yellow jersey.

    Danish people seem obsessed with cycling. They are proud of bicycle-friendly cities - bike lanes everywhere, at least in Aarhus where I live. So, they care about Tour de France, not all of them though.

    However, the most important inspiration Danes get from Tour de France seems to me the yellow jersey. If you live in Denmark, probably hold on a second, "We don't wear the yellow jersey." Yeah, I know. Here, I'm no longer talking about cycling. I'm talking about Danish second obsession - drinking.

    I was a bit shocked with Danish drinking culture as soon as I moved to Denmark. This was partly because my timing of the move collided with Danish high school graduation. Just give you a bit of extra information. I'm from Japan, which is infamous for a workaholic and excessive drinking culture. Even from my perspective, drinking in Denmark is extremely wild. Just be clear for the U.S. people. The legal purchase age for wine and beer in Denmark is 16 years old (although the legal drinking age at bars and restaurants and for hard liquor is 18 years old). You see, young people are drinking at public parks in Denmark day and night.

    The culmination of this drinking culture is, in my opinion, high school graduation. If you have seen Another Round, you know what I mean here. After graduation, high school graduates rent a truck together and go on a drinking tour with their fellow graduates for three days. They stop by each person's house and eat and drink each time. Can you imagine if your house is the last stop and your parents are there? That's what I call "Tour de Denmark." It seems torture for your liver. If you are in Denmark during this period, you hear all the noises from the truck and graduates. Also, each truck selects the winner each day by counting how many units of alcohol graduates drink. The winner gets the yellow jersey: Godt gaet, Danes.